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Fire and Ice (Five Worlds Series)

e-book available at Amazon and other on-line ebook retailers

Amazon Kindle $4.99, Print $15.19

Fire and Ice

(Word count aprox 98K Ė ebook or print, heat rating 3)

On planet Majien of the Five Worlds, Sarica inherited the debts of her father, which she canít repay. The law demands her indentured servitude. Fate taunts her to find the lost City of Almona, the adventure that claimed her fatherís life. She becomes the property of a judge, a man she fears. And desires. How can she attain freedom to answer Fateís call?

Rosche burns for Sarica. The extreme cold she generates through her skin can soothe the curse he bears of creating heat through his. Emotions incite the beastly fever to flare. Because he is callous, she had rejected him as a suitor. So he buys her servitude. As his most precious possession, he will keep her. Forever. Will he risk their lives on an expedition to find Almona City to finally win her heart?



Copyright Carrie Olguin 1999-2013