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Shadow Island (The Nuhu Saga)

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Brent Cambers’ life is good. Finally free of his forced tenure as a Man in Black, he’s starting a new position with The Agency whose mission is to identify the members of The Group, steal the designs for their advanced technologies and uncover their long-term plans.
His job description: deep undercover ops, license to kill, no partner, no rules, and a lucrative paycheck.
His target: a suspected Group operative, the elusive Emily Shadow.
His assignment: locate her and establish a long-term relationship.

The intelligent and sensual Emily Shadow can actually see the energy parasites feasting on people’s emotional energy, knows how to defeat the necrozontos, and owns technically advanced toys. The woman definitely hides deep, dark secrets. She’s unique enough to suggest that one of her parents evolved on a different planet.

Claiming she’s a pro-victim, freelance adventurer, she plans to infiltrate a secret island facility, where the lab rats are human and the researchers are not. Once there, they will capture the non-humans, rescue the lab rats, and destroy the facility.

Sounds like his type of fun.
But can he trust the woman to watch his back?
Or does she have a secret agenda?
Precisely who, or what, is Emily Shadow?

Shadow Island

Copyright Carrie Olguin 1999-2013